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The Unexpected

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The year of Liberation/El año de Liberación

2018 will be the year of Liberation the year of the beginning of THE Golden age. Too many things are happening now that you can't even fully grasp. The changes that are happening now have never happened before on this scale and to this degree. This year will be very shocking year for most people when they finally hear the truths about many things and realize that they have been living on a planet full of LIES. There will be an intense reaction of anger, sadness, hate from the public when they hear the TRUTH.That which is to be uncovered is so massive that some people  will go completely crazy and will not be able to handle all the truths. 
The lightworkers all over the planet are meant to be there for most people and shine their bright light and bring clarity and serenity to the masses. Many revelations will be very disturbing even to many lightworkers. Building of a new system shall occur on this planet a system that works for everyone and serves everyone on the planet.
Be prepa…

Fantastic New year

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Operation Psychopaths Draining

The New Beginning on the Horizon

These are very testing times and difficult for most people  because you are being challenged physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually many lightworkers are being attacked by dark energy weapons. Times such as now you are meant to dive more deep into yourself and find the answers and tranquility otherwise you will get taken over by the chaos around you. Extreme Chaos is the result of major changes happening on the planet on multiple levels.The energies coming on the planet now are very intense and this  is bringing all the unhealed aspects of everyone to the surface so all your fears- wounds-traumas are fully exposed and everyone has to face their shadow aspects.

Meanwhile a massive cleanup is going on in government's and agencies. Individuals Connected to the corrupt/cabal group of FBI are being charged with multiple crimes and are being  removed completely only the genuine and positive factions will remain this is happening even more to the CIA/NSA because they are the …

Pure Abundance